Something bad happened...
and yet something good come to me...

I lost the JOB in KK due to the PK boss who never keep his promise and fool us around!
I quit the job and have to send my girl back to KL as we both have no job due to that PK boss!
He still owning us 1 months salary!!!

Sad and kinda worry to be apart from my girl...
Hope everything will be alright asap and we both can maintain our relationship even we are apart.

I still manage to get a job back at my hometown, TAWAU.
Offer by a great businessmen who I get to know him during my charity dance event!
Currently, helping him to manage his main biz (Michelin tyres, Caltex oil & lub, Century battery)...
Able to learn fast here on biz and management.

At the same time,
I started my own event company which will mainly focus in Tawau, a small place which has no quality event company.

Have to run fast to make thing happen fast.
To secure the future of me and my girl.

God bless us...
Let's Rock The World

There's Always Another Door

I always heard about this quote...
"when god close the door, he will open another for you"

I just banged to the door recently and now there is another one stay open for me.

New path and its connected to what i want in the future^^

For now i stick with this:
"Just Do IT"