I gonna attend these events!!wohu..Yeah~

This coming Sat&Sun!!
finally get confirmation from the organizer!!
Time to update and learn!!!
for more info:

Feel very lucky that ASLI do give some special discount for me as a STUDENT!!!
ASLI really make this summit affordable to me!!!
this is a really great chance to get know of the CFO's Task!!!
how is the real working world is???
i'm sure we will see and know more what the "world" want from us once we step into it!!!
Regional CFO Summit 2010 | National News | News | ACCA

Lastly gonna be the "free" worker in a 2 days motivation seminar that i wished to attend since few years ago...
feel my "learning" luck around me alot!!

Recent Adjustment Made~

Stop Win executed at around 43% gain on my HIRO stack...
reliazed some profit and keeping the other 50% holding to let it grow...
just reliazed that HIRO buy stack in PA resources...this might be the catalyst of its stock price.
but gonna hold HIRO for long term!!

HIRO always buy back its share~got bonus share and can stablelize its share price.
Strong cash holding~stable fundamental,got the ability to give dividend.
car industry~car sales increased,interest rate still in the affordable rate.

performed "average down" in CCK...
sold 10 lots at 0.72 and buy back 15 lots at 0.675 to lower down the cost...

sold out the CSCsteel,
get its dividend and didnt see any good catalyst in this industry.
last reason will be intended to hold more cash at this moment to ready for the 2nd attack.
final result,i still lost few bucks in this counter included all the costs.

Gonna wait for the MEDIA's quarter report next month to evaluate this counter.
gonna buy in more dialog during its adjustment period~around RM1.00...

current local portfolio recorded a gain of 14%...
hope i can keep this until the end of the year...

S'pore portfolio still in -ve return due to the transaction cost...
just found out that i will be charged around RM10 for my dividend received from s'pore!!
still finding the best solution to reduce my dividend collection's costs!!!
anyone can help me on this???
any brokerage firm doesn't impose charges on the dividend and charging me low transaction cost??

Speculation of the month~ScomiEn

hit and run of the JULY~succeed!!!
missed the 1st train=1.40 and get in the 2nd train=1.46
manage to sell off today (highest=1.60) also my target price...
gain a total of RM111.08 (contra gain)
a yield of 8%
Not bad ah...

bought in FSL trust (SGX) with an average cost of RM0.9882
Foreign portfolio launched!!!
stock holding of RM2018.40
cash holding of RM981.60
type of portfolio= High Dividend fund
stop win point=a gain of 50%
stop loss point=weaken fundamental of the counter.

Hit & Run of JULY

In the Beautiful Friday morning...
woke up around 9am to photocopy my IC and yum cha + newspaper until around 1030am.
went back to home and check the market movement...
what a lucky day that i wake up early!!!

i saw this counter.....

heard this counter 2 years ago...
well known SCOMI group's company...
increased more than 20% from 1.15 to 1.40 in the early morning!!!

saw the announcement in HLebroking...
same news as below:

can u imagine that???
even with the current rm1.40, we can have a dividend yield of 21%!!!
7 times more than our FD rate!!!
too bad i doubt for a while on that time..
not dare to buy in directly...
so i take some time to have a look on its fundamental...
kinda growth company with kinda lots of debt...
paid 5 cents of dividend every year...
this quarter they pay out special dividend after they sold 1 of their subsidiary company!
so this special dividend wouldn't hurt it's financial position too much.

it's price move up to 1.49 in few minutes!!!
i missed the best price~1.40...
i tried my luck placing order at 1.46(3rd buying queue)
i was in the lucky batch of 1.46 after the missed out the 1st train (1.40)
highest of the day 1.59 and closed at 1.51!!!
get a gain of 3% on Friday itself (included transaction cost)

will let it go once its go up more than 1.60(giving me a return of 8% and above)
not thinking of holding this counter is because of its low cash position and too many stocks in my portfolio dy!!!

i have 6 stocks + ScomiEN in my local portfolio and 1 stock in my foreign portfolio!
not going to expand my local portfolio more than 6 stocks currently...
might do some reallocation or adjustment on the stock pick...

Investor Expo 2010

Anyone who want go for the expo??
great chance to learn more!!!

for further info please go visit:

btw,IT'S tomorrow!!!

Film making workshop!!

wanna know more about film making??
wanna know how to shoot a vid???
this the best chance to learn!!!


My financial position

having deficit since MAY after i'm getting into the TT's dai lou post...
have to scarify all my time, effort, mind and energy on TT!!!
hence after my last pay check in April,
i have a total of 773.75 cash-flow deficit...
luckily the surplus of April manage to cover the deficit which mean i have no net outflow in this quarter!!

TARC loan released in June and manage to reduce my debt ratio to 85.87!!!
but its just a temporary ratio where it will go back to around 95% after i purchase a LAPTOP in this coming August.

most of the allocation remain the same except the allocation for investment!!
3k from the TARC loan will be allocated into S'pore investment to increase the dividend yield and diversify my portfolio.
1k will remain to local malaysia's market.
other 1k reserve for personal spending.

Investment portfolio~

local~has grew 83.93% compare with the beginning of the 2010.
additional capital pumped in cause the significant increment.

current DY=2.07% (7 months)
Actual investment return=8.54% (7 months)
Target of the year~~~an actual return of 10% and above.

Foreign~ready to launch soon!!!mainly dividend stock and aiming to get an annual DY of 15% and above!!

Fixed income fund~giving a total return of 2.97%(7 months) more interest and dividend coming in.

Fixed Deposit~as the emergency fund!!giving a total return of 0.379%

still more towards the fundamental's investing and mid/long term holding!!
no significant adjustment planned so far!!!

TT night 2010~Glitzz

From the audiences' view~~we did pretty well...
we actually can put the signboard of "full house" at the entrance...
not many run away in the middle of the show...
we got a very cool stage and cool "lighting"!!!

we did manage the "outside"...
a good place to take photo and enjoy to be like a star...
with 2 old school cars!!!

program wise~~its smooth!!consider no "gap" in between...
but ending wasn't good!!!
lucky draw and sponsor announcement made a really big mistakes!!!

preparation wise~~not enough!!!
not enough rehearsal!!!
not enough "serious" full rehearsal!!!
lucky managed to ask ms.elephant to come back to back-up the whole program!!!
Thanks her alot!!!

management wise~~didn't reach our aim!!!
our training program FAILED!!!
still worrying the next year TT!!!
some peoples are spreading their "unfair" seed into the next generation!!!
cant reach the point where "we are family"!!!

Finalist~~instrumental side can really perform well...but something happen inside too..
inter categories have something bad happen too...
be mature lah~~~~

we do really break few records!!!
TARC's book of record

1) The most many bulbs used in an event.
2) 1st TT outdoor shooting.
3) The most $$ used in REFRESHMENT!(we eat alot this year!)
4) The longest final post Mortem in TARC!(6 hours ++)
5) 1st lighting truss on the stage!

there are some others small stuff that worthless to put it on.

in conclusion,
our team not mature enough yet to handle all the stuff!!!
some even cant handle those "very" basic stuff!!!
be mature and be PRO lah~~~~
i'm too soft and too good to everyone!!!

TLC charity program!!