Movie day!!!
watched 2 movies this Sunday!
what a nice 2012 we have watched just now!!so hard to buy a ticket to get there!!

It show how tiny we are as a human in the hand of nature...
we can really fight and predict the nature!!!not even with the HIGH-Tech stuff!!
besides that, we can also see how ugly is the capitalist's world!!
they will not forgo any profit taking chances!!cruel world!!
luckily there's some people who are still outside the capitalism!!
lastly will be the love from parents...in the family...
not matter how bad or how cruel your parents are....
they will always treat you 101% better than how they treat themselves!

that's our last movie tonight~9.45pm-12.25am!
we didn't even know the time pass that fast!!
it is a nice movie...
even we sit at the 1st row...cool.

1st movie??
Christmas Carol...
a normal 3d cartoon...
didn't expect much...
but its still ok...
they had a happy ending!
we should always know that $$ is not the most precious item in the world!!

can feel a lot of stuff from the movies today...
cool...worth it!!

Letting Go...

sometime we should let go of something that can't be achieved currently.
may be in the next future...
but things change every moment!
that might not be our target in the future.
there is a Chinese say we need to achieve "天时地利人和" to complete a task or a project.

天时 refer to the external environment which is always not in our control!
the timing which is always one of the most essential factor of doing something!

地利 refer to the location. the closer you are, it's easier for you to reach!
we also need to utilize the location's features!

人和 refer to the unity of the people. the bonding of the people.networking!!
how we work it out will decide how is the outcome of our work.

waiting for the 天时??
its better to go for the 地利!!
do the detail analysis and plan a strategy how to utilize the location!!

waiting for the 地利??
why not focus on something that we can control and see clearer??
the internal factor~~人和!!
how we do it will determine what is our outcome!!
good internal management will always overcome the difficulties!
how we cooperate with others!!
how we going to finish the task!!
what kind of people we are dealing with!!

but we always failed in this part!!
different people have different wants and needs!!
their motivation and commitment are different!!
so its not easy to align with these!!

i wonder if the main problem is myself rather than other element!!
i have abandon quite a number of projects!!
Not capable enough!!(lack of skill and knowledge)
need mentor to guide!!(we always need guideline!!)
need greater motivation!!(GF always my greatest motivation!unluckily i have no 1 now!)
need joint venture with the right party!!(right leverage is important!)
Dare to fail!!(i always do!!)
Dare to take risk!!(its decreasing!!)

Letting GO....again!!!
not a good one!!




-enroll TARC 的法文班。

3。开始阅读CFA Level 1的textbook
-TARC libary有CFA的textbook

-会enroll ELS 或 BritishCouncil的英文课程。




-有keep fit的效果啊。



1st Levi's in my life

today is the last day of this warehouse sales!!
Sibeh far from our place!!~Hotel Sri Petaling
saw the advertisement in The STAR newspaper..
was planned to buy some CNY costume this year end
as most of my costumes are few years old dy...
and maybe BOXER(but not use to let my bro to move freely!!)
will use up all my Nov's earning(rm500) for the CNY stuff!!
OMG...quite a huge spending this year!!
hope Someone will subsidize some of it.

1 jeans and 1 shirt have been taken home!!
Levi's relaxed straight(512)
and 1 red shirt...
only cost RM150..

hope can get more ang pao in this coming CNY to cover this cost...wkaakaka...
2009 going to end soon...
2010 will be another new start-up...
Gogogo...achieve more in 2010!!

-Old Photos-

Yoyoyo,UNPREDICTABLE in da house...

our DJ Da Mouth~Rain!!
Rain,your hair sibeh thick...wkakaka

you guys should know who is this....wakkakaka
Angku in da house...

TT in da House...
kuantan trip...

kind of old memories...
with old photo..

"Shoot" by many friends...

many complain about my blog article which is too "high" level and complicated for my friends.

sometimes,it's done to make it more complicated d...wakakakaka..
sometimes,the topic is too complicated for some people d...
but i'll try to simplify it ba...

many complain that 10persons seldom post personal stuff...
i did posted some of those "emo" post...
but its has been modified to look more "educative" stuff...wkakakka..
Btw, seldom get "emo" la...
i'm kind of happy "go" lucky person la...

i think its time to change a little bit ba..








Momentous Talent Studio

It's not an easy task for us...
but the unity will bring it to us...
none of us know how far we can go!
never try never know!!
don't limit ourselves...

So far,
Shop-lot is confirmed!
1 Quotation received,2 more to go...
Financial part still in progress(this will be the hardest 1)...
SMIDEC grant & incentive~after we register our studio!!
Design of studio's identity is in progress too..(thanks for all designers' help)
Wall-paint project is confirmed..(designer from TheOne+TARC's art stream friend)
Instructor~this is the less worried part.
Management~should not be any problem when we got few mentors to lead us.
Publicity~worth of mouth,flyer,survey,event,youtube,facebook,website,blog's link...

Momentous Talent Studio will be the platform for all youngster to develop their talents...