Story of BREAK OUT (a.k.a. PICNIC)

Story of BREAK OUT (a.k.a. PICNIC)

Break Out!tells the tale of a night-in-the-life of a group of desperate prisoners, whose nightmare existence changes beyond belief when an ancient and sacred text mysteriously drops into the prison. This mysterious arrival inspires the inmates to plan a daring escape into the outside world, where they are able to enjoy a brief moment of freedom.

Featuring a cast of nuns, nurses and break-dancing villains in the craziest jail break of all time, Break Out! is a fun-packed, mad-cap night out featuring top quality performers including some of Korea's leading B-Boys from internationally winning crews including DRIFTERS crew (Battle of the Year 2006 finalists), GAMBLERS crew (Battle of the Year 2005 finalists) and MAXIMUM crew.

History of BREAK OUT

2007. 04 Previewed at Goyang Oullimnuri Byeolmorae Theatre(6th – 8th)
2007. 04 UK Previewed at Peacock Theatre (in London, 19th – 22nd)
2007. 05 Chungmu Art Hall Small Theatre Black (26th – 22nd of Jul.)
2007. 08 Edinburgh Festival Fringe (Assembly Hall, 2nd – 25th)
Box Office No.1/ Cavalcade Best Walking Group Winner
2007. 10 The Good Theatre (5th – 30th of Nov.)
2007. 11 Lao National Culture Hall (in Vientiane, 16th of Nov.)
2007. 12 Convocation Hall (in Mumbai, 26th of Dec.)

Venue:Wisma MCA, KL (23 & 24 May 09)
Ticket: RM93/RM63

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