My financial position

having deficit since MAY after i'm getting into the TT's dai lou post...
have to scarify all my time, effort, mind and energy on TT!!!
hence after my last pay check in April,
i have a total of 773.75 cash-flow deficit...
luckily the surplus of April manage to cover the deficit which mean i have no net outflow in this quarter!!

TARC loan released in June and manage to reduce my debt ratio to 85.87!!!
but its just a temporary ratio where it will go back to around 95% after i purchase a LAPTOP in this coming August.

most of the allocation remain the same except the allocation for investment!!
3k from the TARC loan will be allocated into S'pore investment to increase the dividend yield and diversify my portfolio.
1k will remain to local malaysia's market.
other 1k reserve for personal spending.

Investment portfolio~

local~has grew 83.93% compare with the beginning of the 2010.
additional capital pumped in cause the significant increment.

current DY=2.07% (7 months)
Actual investment return=8.54% (7 months)
Target of the year~~~an actual return of 10% and above.

Foreign~ready to launch soon!!!mainly dividend stock and aiming to get an annual DY of 15% and above!!

Fixed income fund~giving a total return of 2.97%(7 months) more interest and dividend coming in.

Fixed Deposit~as the emergency fund!!giving a total return of 0.379%

still more towards the fundamental's investing and mid/long term holding!!
no significant adjustment planned so far!!!

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