OSK investment Challenge

virtual $$ of RM 100,000 to invest.
its a 33 market days challenge,
grand prize of RM 25,000 will be given to the top absolute gainer!!
btw,its a campus edition...
so 25k mean alot of us as a student!!

each week,
they will give out 2 net book for the top 2 gainer!
current TOP gainer gained 17k in 2 days...
1 of them are ASIMO from investalk forum...GENG ah..

its a good chance for youngster to learn the basic of the share market!!!
at least you will know how it work,
how to buy,how to sell,how to queue ur order...

but i'm not a kind of short term investor/speculator...
i do speculate in certain time...but not often!!

dont start your investment journey with speculation!!!
you will pay alot of fees!!

my whole room joined this OSKIC...
you all should join too..
join in the real KLCI when ur ready...
let's make the KLCI full with young people!!

website: www.oskic.com

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