Q1 report

current cash holding~2.72%
pumped in extra 650 so far...
heavily invested in EQUITY since i liquidated my fix income portfolio due to some budgeting problem.
**hence i have only 1 portfolio at this moment.

current holding
CCK 20%
Gtronic 20%
Wellcall 35%
FSL 23%
Pantech 2%

plus odd lot of HIRO and HIRO-WA

dividend received so far is RM 438.57
it will be an DY of 2.49%

current return(actual return) is only 0.49%(after including all the new capital)
return without calculating the new capital will be 4.47%
*so far actual return still under perform the market which is around 2.3%

best performer is CCK
while worst performers are...FSL and GTRONIC

GTRONIC is a cyclical stock and its the down trend of the tech industry...
where the book to bill ratio haven't shown a firm rebound yet.

meanwhile FSL didn't not publish a good report in 2010...
where its show a loss...
but overall cash flow still ok and debt has been reduced significantly.
losses is due to the impairment loss of 7mil plus and a vessel operating fee of 5mil
an expense of 13 mil...

current plan will be cutting down some holding in wellcall to overweight into TECH industry...
weaken USD and high rubber price not going to push wellcall...
too much weight in defensive stock...

wait for the best timing to do the adjustment.
will be getting a DY of 7% and above..

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