Q1 2012

Closed all my account and prepared the Q1 financial position report.
First Quarter of 2012 has recorded an increment of 15% of my Equity Portfolio.
Its included the CASH pumped in.
Meanwhile,DY is just 0.65% where there are only 3 dividends received.

At the same time,
Fixed price instrument~Amanah Saham Malaysia & 1Malaysia recorded a 100% grow mainly due to subsequent buy in.
manage to push the position back to the previous position.

Total Networth is still in red...
I'm in net debt of RM25k due to 3 study loans.

I believe i will be able to reduce my net debt to around RM10k at the end of this year.
my 2 months bonus definitely will help significantly ^^

living in hometown Tawau Sabah is one of the main factor i can improve my networth.
Average monthly expense will be around 1.5k~1.6k.
hence i will be able to save around RM900 each month^^
most of the meal expenses is cover by home and there is no rental required.
paying utilities and some pocket money to parents..
start paying rm400 to them..
then rm 500 for study loan..
leftover 600-700 for own expenses.

if i'm staying in kl,
average 400-500 in rental,utilities & public transport dy.
meal will use up 700-900..
its around 1.4k dy...
500 for loan repayment and insurance payment will reduce the leftover balance to around 500 only...
repayment to parent will be insufficient if we are trying to save & invest for future^^

i believe i will be able to do will in SABAH...

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