Letting Go...

sometime we should let go of something that can't be achieved currently.
may be in the next future...
but things change every moment!
that might not be our target in the future.
there is a Chinese say we need to achieve "天时地利人和" to complete a task or a project.

天时 refer to the external environment which is always not in our control!
the timing which is always one of the most essential factor of doing something!

地利 refer to the location. the closer you are, it's easier for you to reach!
we also need to utilize the location's features!

人和 refer to the unity of the people. the bonding of the people.networking!!
how we work it out will decide how is the outcome of our work.

waiting for the 天时??
its better to go for the 地利!!
do the detail analysis and plan a strategy how to utilize the location!!

waiting for the 地利??
why not focus on something that we can control and see clearer??
the internal factor~~人和!!
how we do it will determine what is our outcome!!
good internal management will always overcome the difficulties!
how we cooperate with others!!
how we going to finish the task!!
what kind of people we are dealing with!!

but we always failed in this part!!
different people have different wants and needs!!
their motivation and commitment are different!!
so its not easy to align with these!!

i wonder if the main problem is myself rather than other element!!
i have abandon quite a number of projects!!
Not capable enough!!(lack of skill and knowledge)
need mentor to guide!!(we always need guideline!!)
need greater motivation!!(GF always my greatest motivation!unluckily i have no 1 now!)
need joint venture with the right party!!(right leverage is important!)
Dare to fail!!(i always do!!)
Dare to take risk!!(its decreasing!!)

Letting GO....again!!!
not a good one!!

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