1st Levi's in my life

today is the last day of this warehouse sales!!
Sibeh far from our place!!~Hotel Sri Petaling
saw the advertisement in The STAR newspaper..
was planned to buy some CNY costume this year end
as most of my costumes are few years old dy...
and maybe BOXER(but not use to let my bro to move freely!!)
will use up all my Nov's earning(rm500) for the CNY stuff!!
OMG...quite a huge spending this year!!
hope Someone will subsidize some of it.

1 jeans and 1 shirt have been taken home!!
Levi's relaxed straight(512)
and 1 red shirt...
only cost RM150..

hope can get more ang pao in this coming CNY to cover this cost...wkaakaka...
2009 going to end soon...
2010 will be another new start-up...
Gogogo...achieve more in 2010!!

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