Had few "outing"s in this few days

1st one~~
went to Mid Valley and The Gardens to shop...
but we reached there late and can't really shop!
so we decided to watch a movie before we go home.

11.50pm for the Zombieland~~horror+very funny!!!!
good to bring ur GF to watch together..wakkaka
we went to "cucuk" bola>>pool!
2 boys and 2 men keep playing for 1 hour but the girl>>sleep and cry beside!!wakakkaa

after movie...
bad thing come,we lost in mid valley!!
cant really find the way back to the bus stop..
so just go out and try to get a taxi beside the road!
luckily get a taxi to fetch 5 of us home!!
it cost us RM40...

2nd outing,
send mom to KL central and shop a while at there!!
bought 2 pants!!
long and semi-long(dunno how to call that kind of pants)
Hush puppies long pant for RM69++
not bad ya...save 50% dy...

night time~~
MOS performance!!!
be their MANYzer and cameraman...
in Ritz Calton hotel!!!


TT Crew in da house..

alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5416075056475497762" />
Origenz in da house...
TT senior went there b4!!
good luck our dear juniors.....

having fun ya....
RULES no.1
RULES no.2
"double tap"
RULES no.3
"seat belt"
RULES no.4
"beware of washroom"
RULES no.23
"enjoy all the little fun"

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