S'pore Acc is ready!!

i activated my SG trading acc!!
through CIMB-GK Securities Pte. Ltd.
still need some time to get use of this kind of foreign trading.

so far,this is the most cost effective way to trade foreign share!
min brokerage is SGD 18 for SGX(my target stock market currently)
it is non interest bearing trust account~no interest given on the balance amount.
i'm also going to open a bank account in SG to park my cash and dividend received!

SG strategy:
high yield counter!!
current watch list:Cambridge,LMIR,First,MI,FSL,rickmer(kind of investment trust)
target to get >10% p.a!!

hope everything will be smooth!!


周柔美 said...

miss u ooh XD

周柔美 said...

miss u ooh =)

10人 said...

this really make me happy...wakkakak
long time no see you dy...
sibeh miss you...
long time didnt kacau u dy...