Study Performance-lately

not in the best mood on my study lately!!
do not manage to keep the constant standard of all the subjects..
volatility is high in this semester.

lower commitment on the coursework compare to last semester.
low quality of work from few mates really disappoint me!
make the commitment index become worse!
24-26 out of 40 is a kind of result for low quality work.
and i agree with the marks!
we didn't put enough afford.
we didn't work it out together.
blame no body...
we have to do more in final and score well...

other coursework>>
Econ-24-26 (forecast to be the range of IF's score)

study of this semester is still "OK"
we have only 1 challenging subject>>international finance
other 3 still "readable"....

3.9 become almost impossible...
but there is always a chance!
with all the afford and time left,
i forecast the result of this semester will drop between "3.0-3.88"
let's do this


^.^v 天蝎小魔女 said...

3.9 very high d lar
c wat shit i got from last sem.......

10人 said...

wat do u get for ur last sem result??
ur result sure no problem d..
dun jia jia there ah..