Q1 report

Previous quarter's result!!
main liabilities are the PTPTN and Tarc Loan for my study purpose.

2010 Q1's>>

15.13 times higher than the previous year!!!
Net worth has increased significantly mainly due to the stock market's bull.
Investment portfolio recorded a total of 10.15%!!
Besides that,
Ang Pao collected in CNY was around RM500++ which are one of the main reason of the increment.
we believe there will be more improvement in the next quarter where most of the income haven't recorded into the Q1.

January,deficit appeared due to the N95 which cost RM700 and cause a RM500++ deficit amount.
Febuary,not able to record down any of the transaction in SABAH.but we assume that we have positive cashflow due to the low expenditure in SABAH and the CNY's angpao.
March,we have +ve cashflow in this month too.

we should be able to maintain +ve cashflow for each month with the more efficient cost management and multi-income stream where mainly come from the freelance's job.

2010's target is to reduce the debt ratio to below 75%!
that's mean there is another RM4,720 to go or 524.44 per month for the next 9 months.
we are still pessimistic to archive the target.

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