TT night 2010

taken up the most important role in TT...
Program Master cum (dai lou)
at the same time...
we taken up the most challenging task...
train new TT humans and other TARCian to keep TT alive in the future...
all "old man" gonna leave TARC very soon and some went into the "real" world years ago...

there are other reasons why i get myself into this post!!!
~test drive some of my new ideas!!!
~fill up my TIME>>>no internship!!!
~expand my network!!!

we gonna do something different this year!!!
Win-Win situation became my slogan most of the time!!!
cuz 1+1 always greater than 2!!!
besides that,
Differentiation is the way to make us greater!!!
new elements have been brought into TT this year!!!
different leader,
different management and planning style...

i'm not kinda very strict person!!!
i'm not kinda very hardworking person!!!
i'm not kinda very DETAIL person!!!
i'm not kinda very patient person!!!even my EQ is quite high!!!

but i'm good in some part of planning!!!
i'm good in FIRE people if it is necessary!!
i'm kinda BUSINESS minded people in doing such an event!!!
i'm kinda 101% commitment into it once i shout "YES,I"M IN"!!!
so i will focus on the benefits of TT 101%!!!

So far progress still acceptable...
only few departments abit slow!!!
more collaboration with OO means more meeting and planning!!!
but its worth to do it!!!WIN WIN situation!!!

TT 2010,
i predict that we will have no FINANCE problem at all!!!
i predict that i gonna FIRE few people soon!!!
i predict that TT and OO will be very GREAT!!!
i predict that TT and OO will have a BOND this year!!!
i predict that most of the sponsor will be very HAPPY!!!
i predict that SAD will be HAPPY also!!!
i predict that TT 2010 will not be as easy as before!!!>>more work and planning to do!!!
i predict that TT 2010 will have more things for TARCians to remember and enjoy with!!!
i predict that i might become a "BAD" guy in some matter!!!
i predict that Ex-TT's will have more involvement!!!

Wish everything SMOOTH SMOOTH ah~~~~~
so far so good!!!

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