TT night 2010~Glitzz

From the audiences' view~~we did pretty well...
we actually can put the signboard of "full house" at the entrance...
not many run away in the middle of the show...
we got a very cool stage and cool "lighting"!!!

we did manage the "outside"...
a good place to take photo and enjoy to be like a star...
with 2 old school cars!!!

program wise~~its smooth!!consider no "gap" in between...
but ending wasn't good!!!
lucky draw and sponsor announcement made a really big mistakes!!!

preparation wise~~not enough!!!
not enough rehearsal!!!
not enough "serious" full rehearsal!!!
lucky managed to ask ms.elephant to come back to back-up the whole program!!!
Thanks her alot!!!

management wise~~didn't reach our aim!!!
our training program FAILED!!!
still worrying the next year TT!!!
some peoples are spreading their "unfair" seed into the next generation!!!
cant reach the point where "we are family"!!!

Finalist~~instrumental side can really perform well...but something happen inside too..
inter categories have something bad happen too...
be mature lah~~~~

we do really break few records!!!
TARC's book of record

1) The most many bulbs used in an event.
2) 1st TT outdoor shooting.
3) The most $$ used in REFRESHMENT!(we eat alot this year!)
4) The longest final post Mortem in TARC!(6 hours ++)
5) 1st lighting truss on the stage!

there are some others small stuff that worthless to put it on.

in conclusion,
our team not mature enough yet to handle all the stuff!!!
some even cant handle those "very" basic stuff!!!
be mature and be PRO lah~~~~
i'm too soft and too good to everyone!!!


周柔美 said...

En~Yalor~too soft ...but too good ? hmm....still need to be consider xD ....wakaka! anyway, it's over....Not bad laa...What you've wrote is damn TRUE! Hope next year TT can do well !

10人 said...

hope next year gt TT ppl continue to make TT better...

Dam Yew said...

I still think overall you did a good job considering it's your first time, teammate. =D

And yeah, still plenty of rooms for improvement and too much mistakes too correct.

Wish next year's batch all the best lar. hehe

10人 said...

hope they can put on a good show again next year..