031 M'sia Portfolio Performance

last week saw a news report about the performance of KLCI of 2010.
suddenly feel like want to do the same analysis on my Investment portfolio.

KLCI has been moving up and up without any major correction or influence by international market.
our KLCI raised to 1434.27 (today 7th sept) from 1275.15 on 4th jan!
ITS a total increment of 12.43%!!
kinda good growth rate!!

current Portfolio result:
Total return of 14.09%
with only 5 holdings currently...
Dividend yield of 4.06%
not all dividend reinvested.
current cash holding of 42.82%

so far, 031 M'sia Fund slightly outperform the KLCI 13.35%
This period manage to "speculate" some Div stock~SCOMIEN and UPA
lastly CCK where it move within the 0.74-0.068 range...
Hit & Run also has failure cases...
ALCOM,CSCsteel,Unisem and Uchitec.
(they are too volatile for me)

Div yield reached 4.06% which is higher that the FD~3%!!
dividend always 1 of the main consideration in my stock pick.
cuz dividend will be the INCOME during the bad time...
DY annual target is above 5%!!

High cash holding is to be ready for the any coming main correction.
stock selection still on low PE,dividend paying stock,strong cash position!!

Gonna combine S'pore with M'sia portfolio soon after get additional capital!!
will do profit sharing on the additional capital...
Min rate~5%,2nd rate~10%,3rd rate~15%

bigger capital base will make the asset allocation more cost effective.
foreign holding will occur very high transaction cost...
hence need to execute bigger transaction each time to reduce marginal transaction cost...

additional capitals are from people who want to learn investment...
want to gain higher return to upbeat the inflation...
and people who trust me~my parents and also some close friends...

**its a practical training for myself towards the real investment world!!

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