Investment Policy 2012

Get my lesson last year on OVER DIVEST!!!
Now on,i will never reduce my Equity holding less that 40% no matter what happen on the market...

My total portfolio will be divided into 4 parts in 2012,
2-Fixed income~Amanah Saham Malaysia and Amanah Saham 1 Malaysia

never go below 40%,
focus on small medium company where there will be future growth potential.
focus on strong fundamental company with more CASH,low Debt,strong CF.
focus on agriculture~plantation,healthcare and tech stock.
focus on dividend company.

Current holding:
44% equity in tech due to their low valuation and potential rebound in 2012...
strong fundamental tech stock~GTRONIC and UCHITEC(HALF TECH company)
31% in agriculture and plantation>>CCK and TSH
25% in S'pore compnay...
Shipping trust with high DY>>FSL trust.

High DY holdings are UCHITEC,GTRONIC,FSL around 10%
moderate DY will be CCK AND TSH around 4%

2012 Watchlist:
healthcare: KPJ,AHEALTH&TDM(plantation+healthcare)
Agriculture: QL,TWS,FIMA(plantation+printing+building management)

yearly target: 15% and reach total of 40k
Dividend target: annual dividend of 2.5k

I do not want to expose my own equity investment in those blue chip because its potential future growth tend to be lower than those small and medium company.
besides that, i has some indirect exposure of it from my AMANAH SAHAM...

Due to more uncertain economic,
will increase my AMANAH SAHAM portion to secure the 6.5% dividend yield...

will invest around 10-20% of my total portfolio in GOLD and SILVER to preserve my portfolio's purchasing power.

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