Melaka Trip~

We went to Melaka on last Sunday...
we planned to start our journey on 11am.
but unluckily gt late-comer.
it only take 1 hour++ to reach melaka but holiday season will increase the duration!
there were traffic jam everywhere in melaka!jam like hell.

we only manage to get our seat in the restaurant on 3pm++

Having our lunch 'chicken rice ball; and also some cendol after our lunch.
damn many people!!

Go shoppng~

Hamka FOooo~~

its very tiring to walk here and there for the whole late afternoon.

thousand hand as the background??

Roo..ur not allowed to join us...wkakakak

never stop dancing!!!
we are doing street tour..wakkakaka

Castle 'leftover'...
its nice...

went for a boat riding...
almost 45mins...

enjoy the trip alot...
we had seafood for our dinner...
yum yum..

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