TARC's investment interest group~Survey result

1)Segmentation of our interest group:

obviously we have a very huge group of male members here.
maximum number of female member is 9.
5 did not turn up for this week sharing session and other 2 still keeping our survey form.
we have an average of around 25~30 members per session.

In conclusion, we can say that male students are more aggressive and passionate in the field of investment.
meanwhile, female students are more conservative.

(statistically, female trade lesser than guy and hence have lower risk in their portfolio)

2)Whether our interest group can help our member in their study:

84% feel that our interest group activity help them in their study.
sharing session help most of the advance senior to revise back what they have learnt.
besides that, most of our members gain more knowledge on the whole perspective of the finance, economic and investment which are related and applicable in their study.

On the other hand, 16% of our member feel the other way round.
main reason is their study is still at the basic level where info and knowledge from the sharing session cannot be used yet.

In conclusion, most of the issues raised in our sharing session are related in our study and enhances our analytical skill.

3)Whether our sharing session help in the real investment trading:
all agree that we can learn and improve our investment knowledge through our sharing session.
different opinion and experience shared in the sharing session helps all our members to understand the real investment world and able to see the particular issue from different view.
members also think that all the fundamental analysis discussed in the sharing session can help them in the real life.

4)how often our member attend the weekly sharing session:

10 out of 19 attended all our weekly sharing session.
we have active members(>3x) more than half of the sample taken.
we are still having high member turnover over the past 5 weeks.
main reason is our interest group is not an academic program and it need voluntary attendance from the members.

In conclusion,we still have a large number of active member (more than half).

5)Rating from members (1=best,5=worst):

most of our member think that current sharing session is good enough to help them to gain knowledge and some opinion on the real world of finance.
Some also think that this interest group help them to leverage where they can know more news and knowledge in the short time through the sharing from all the members.
on the other hand,some feel that issues discussed are too wide and not concentrate.

In conclusion, our interest group might been running in a very fast progress that might make some newcomer feel very pressure and too many info to be adsorbed. overall, we are still in the right track.

6)Top 4 Activity suggested:
Top 1> A visit to Bursa, SC, and other finance related places.
Top 2> Live Trading
Top 3> Seminar by industry practitioner like banker, analyst and etc.
Top 4> Competition

Management board of interest group will conduct a meeting soon to discuss the above matter.
we will get choose the best combination of activities wanted by our members.
*No funding will limit our activity choices.
A portfolio management contest is kinda possible to be conducted in the near term.

7) Improvement suggested by members:
1>Do company evaluation very week.
*this is possible if more member can handle the analysis.
2>More group discussion and self analysis.
*more self discussion will be done after all the basic parts are done.
3>Invite industry practitioner and speaker to our sharing session.]
*hard to match their time.
4>Discuss more on technical analysis.
*we will not emphasize too much on technical analysis where fundamental analysis is more important in the real life. fundamental analysis need a long time to master it.
5>2 sharing session per week.
*Schedule is too pack for us where we need to handle our study 1st.
6>Get more good looking members.
*its depends on how our current members invite their friends.
7>More actual investment.
*we are discussing something very real and happening recently. all are the useful info for actual investment.
8>Change sharing session to Friday.
*many are going back hometown on friday. thats why we choose to have our sharing session on Monday.
9>Use MIC during the sharing session.
*quite impossible to get a PA system. Remind the "presenter" to raise up our voice during our sharing if the "presenter" speak too soft.

thank you for your time and effort to fill up the survey form.
hope you all can learn many useful knowledge and skill through our interest group.
in the future,please keep it up and pass to the next batch.
"sharing is a kind of leverage!"
never be selfish to share the knowledge and opinion.
we will enhance our knowledge and skill through sharing.

wish all of us...

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