Encore 2008 (C172's result)

Guess what.....??

How many titles we get tonight??

Ladies and Gentlemen,
we're proud to announce....
C172's members....

Singging 1st Runner-Up
-Ying Wah and her partner JackJack
who say dancer cant sing well??
we proved that!!!

Dancing Champion
Max Identity

Dancing 1st Runner-Up

Dancing Most Creative Dance Group

Summary of C172's results
C172 have
2006 TT Overall Champion + Dancing Champion,
2007 TT Overall Champion + Dancing Champion, 2007 ENCORE Dancing Champion and 1st Runner-Up,
2008 ENCORE's Champions
many outside dance competitions' Champions (By LEON).

I'm proud to be one of the C172.

C172,Keep It On.

1 comment:

~M3ik|~ said...

i m proud 2 b one of C172 oso....
bt i m nt contributing much in da family......
bt anyway.....
i'll cheer 4 u all......