My Xmas Eve

7 C172's people shared their Xmas Eve together.
We went out with only 1 Myvi(can fit 11 persons).so dont worry about it.

We had a great dinner together,
NO Turkey...
but we have 2 fishes,1 vege and 1 pork.
feel like a family...nice one.

second destination,
buy movie ticket(IP Man).
we have almost 2 hours free before the movie.
so we decided to join the war on the street.

we spent total RM40 for out weapon!!
Unluckily it is too little for us to fight on the street Sg.Wang.
Our Female Soldier hurted seriously,
they have been attacked by most of the people there.
Our Jeneral almost KO in the WAR too....
Few gangs of soldier attacked him.

I have only 1 gun and my main mission is look after our ASSET.*treasurer*
we only manage to keep ourselves in the war for 25 mins!!!
finally,we ran out of "fire gun" and ran away back to Pavilion.

we reached pavilion with "soap" on our body,face,head and hair....
but we still need to keep it untill we finish our IP MAN.

Photo taken before our movie...(by her phone)

Meiki & Angku(One of the Most SH C172's member)

with tresurer...

With Bboy DOG...

With Jeneral...

With Angie...

with our lovely BRA....

IP MAN is a very great KungFu movie...
nice and very powerful action.
Chinese spirit and our culture.
"仁" and "义"

After movie,
It was 3.15am when we get into our MYVI...
Guess what,we didnt end our night here...
last station,
McD...for our breakfast...yeah..

We got new post and new phrase to use...
want to know???
wait for it.
we will show you soon.

Hope all of you enjoyed you Xmas Eve and ready for your Xmas.
Enjoy it.


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sabahking said...

i watched the ip man already it is really a great movie. waiting for ur new phase and new post. i will continue support ur blog.