Genting "gambler's lesson"

Finally i can enter Genting's Casino legally.
Woow,guess what...1st night i won RM165 with my RM100.
Not bad rite??i gain 165% in just 5 hours.
i'm a kind of "play safe" people...i use my own playing system.
its prove to be 99.00% sure win system.
As long as i gt enough capital stand by and follow all the rules.
But this system only for "play safe" people...u will feel boring with this system.
This my 1st War....

In the afternoon of 29th,i tested my system again.
Woow,guess what...150% gain with my RM100 in 3 hours again.not bad rite?

i applied genting world card...
before i leaved,a screen shown 5 continuos "small" for the TAI SAI table.
it is a good buy "big" signal in my system.
i didnt really plan to play at that moment.
but...its a very strong "big" signal.Do you agree??
I put my token on... continue with "small" 9 times....
luckily still gt some backup fund to reduce my lose.
i used RM100 and RM300 back up.
i lost RM35...just -10% in 40 minutes..not bad rite?

After dinner,where can i go??
all children go for games...
adult??also the same..GAMES...
everything is fine at the beginning.
record is 75%gain with RM100(capital) in 2 hours.
!!!people tend to be very confident and play more than they should!!!
i played 2 side...
low backup,low luck and too greed....
i lost.

i saw how bad i can be if i didnt follow the system and too greedy..
low luck...i saw 12 times of "ODD",i started buying the oppposite since the 5th "ODD"!!
on the same table and in the same time i saw 9 "BIG",i also buy in the opposite since the 5th one...but i manage to save some back with my last RM100(backup)
get back RM200 with my total capital spent is RM450.

after that i change table...
last capital of RM200...
i play two side again....
"ODD" appear 4 times
"BIG" appear 4 times
i failed in the "ODD" play..
mange to save back RM60 when "BIG" turn to "SMALL" after the 8th time.

that's not my night.
i gave my last rm60 to my mom...
i went back with rm100 net loss of all my capital..-33.33% losses...

need to be steady and play safe all the time when we're on the "table"
i'm still very happy and enjoy it.
i learnt something...
i'm sure i wouldnt do these mistake in the future.


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