My Saturday

went for this CFA Malaysia Education/Careers Day: Gateway to the investment profession.
CFA has been one of my main target to go
from the day i get know with it since 2 years ago.

After oberseving how a seceruties analyst work and how his life going on...
i'm sure i will be very enjoying being a part of that.
1st securities analyst i get to know is our dear "KING" in
he is the first person who demo how CFA work and what can i be with the CFA.
i'm glad that i didnt missed this CFA event which make me more confirm about my career path.
once again,i confirm with myself that i will be enjoy to get into this path.
i really hope my Advance Diploma is recognized as a basic degree by the CFA institute...
then i will be able to directly pursuit CFA next year!!

other than that...
i planned to rush to Damansara Uptown for another seminar about financial planning.
but unluckily time not allow me to go for it.
i reached KL central around 2.15pm and there is no bus at that moment.
we need another 1 hour to reach there.
whereas i need to be in Uptown by 2pm...
i totally late and miss it!

not willing to get back home so early as i should be learning for the whole afternoon!
then we choose to go mid valley which is much more closer to have a look what happening at there.
hope to have a chance to fill up my afternoon...
good news are there!!
sales going on in the whole mall,
i found a nice shoes~50% yeah...
still wondering whether i should buy it or not..

there is a modern living fair at there!!!
yeah,is a chance to learn something or update on those living lifestyle stuff.
1 thing i can observe is...
the saleperson in the fair is super 'geng'!
talk like "water water sui"
test on some drink produced by an all in 1 blender!!
this blender can cook and blend in a touch!!
fully automatic!!fuyo..geng.

we did have a look on the mattress,
damn comfortable but not yet affordable for us...
rm2k for a mattress??NO WAY...
may be after i married!!wakakka

but the bad thing is the crowded and packed public transportation KTM...
and of cuz...super slow...never on time!!!

lastly i end my day with some sport in the swimming pool, assignment and a movie..
what a wonderful day!

hope you guys do enjoy you everyday too.

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