Stop Loss Execution

Stop Loss guideline point is 10%...
in some case of good fundamental counter,it will be 15%...
current market correction might become a bear turn where bad news all over the market again!!!
Euro's debt problem and also the Korea's problem...
always remember>>>this is a sentiment drive market!!!

KLCI has been moving up continuously for months...
and now its come to the correction for 8 days straight...
so its kinda acceptable when it happen!!!

Tech stock always has higher risk compare with others!!!
its has higher volatility and tend to move faster then the fundamental chances!!!
there are few things that direct influence the Tech stock...
Economic!!! tech product depend on the economic condition alot!!!
Currency rate!!! most of the sales come from overseas...currency risk is always there!!!
hence it tend to swing wider than other stock!!!

the correction has bring my 2 tech stock selection to the stop loss point!!!
1 reached 15% and other 1 reaching the 15%...
so stop loss has to executed!!!
i know the fundamental is getting better if compare with last year!!!
but the market sentiment is not there for the tech stocks currently!!!
kinda pain and hard to do it...
cuz i have to realize the losses...
overall equity portfolio lost the 2 digits return!!!

i admit that i did some wrong decisions!!!
i allow my emotion come into the investment decision!!!
i have reduced the cash ratio to as low as 1%!!!too positive on the current
pumped in cash and go into the tech stocks!!!

gonna stop loss on the tech stocks and reinvest into the long term stock selections!!!
"greed when others fear"
i will liquidate some of my reserve to participate on this correction or bear market!!!
liquidation will be made in 2 weeks time if the market found the ground!!!

***Stop loss fast and let the profit grow!!!
***Asset allocation always the most essential part of investment!!!

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