My 2011 resolutions

1) My investment portfolio
- grow to RM30k (new capital flow + yearly return of >10%)

2) UK study
- complete my degree with 1st class honor.

3) Blog
- never stop writing blog!!!

4) Travel
- Europe trip!!!

5) Reading
- 20 books or magazines

6) Work in UK/S'pore
- work in the investment bank

7) paying back some "coupon" payment to my parents!!

8) relationship
- depend on the fate la...

9) extra knowledge
- attend 20 event, workshop and exhibition.

10)keep weight below 70 kg!!


Jimmy Lim said...

Gambateh~ u sure can do it~ haha

cacedino said...

support u=)

10人 said...

jimmy& cacedino>>hope can do all of it la...but 2010...only manage to archive half leh...