A story of a couple after 26 months (1)

There is a day where both of them meet up and have 2 nights to be together alone.
There is some changes and some improvement between both of them.
The girl become better in communicate and more honest while the man still the same but bringing regret along most of the time.
The man respect and treat the girl as how he treat her 26 months ago before they seperated.
26 months bring many history and some did make them cant be together anymore.

One of the nights,
she said:
"sorry make u get bored just now (i never get bored when you're around me.looking on ur face and do nothing is the most enjoyable thing i like to do in my life).. N last night really sorry..cant control myself (its not your fault.i have to responsible on that too) ..I think u can understand my personality well after this few days..I'm really a bad girl (i know you since 45 months ago.If u're bad girl then i will be the one who like to be with those bad girl) .so just forget about me..There's a lot of better n suit one for u.. Just forget me K? (forget about u?IMPOSSIBLE.i can keep myself away from you but not to forget about you.) I'm really really sorry keep on hurting u..every bad things happen on us is all my fault.. (no,you never hurt me and i dont care of it.you are the one who bring me happiness and colours into my life) U don need to blame yourself anymore. (how can i do it??i'm the one who cause this happen)

the man didnt really reply her but there is something in his heart...

at the same moment, She said this too...
"you are really a good guy.." (Am I?my choice bring disaster to you in this 26 months)

After few minute....
she asked:
"Do you love me?" (if i do,does it really can bring you back?or it will hurt you again?make you suffer again?you are having a good life now)
the man still didnt reply the girl directly...in his heart

that night both of them cried.
most of the thing doesnt come that smooth and easy for most of the people.

The next morning,
finally the man started to speak and asked:
"before everything go to normal.last 2 nights you asked me do I love you.how about your feeling on me?after this question i wouldn't touch this kind of sensitive question anymore."
they have make up their mind to keep on with their own life like wat had they gone through and having now.

The girl reply:
"Ya..I still got feeling on u.."
"I got a strong feel on you..I'm not sure what kind of this feeling..and I'm not sure whether it's called love..I fight with my feeling this few day..I really don't know what should i do..because i only can choose one..If i choos one..and I've to be cruel to the otehr one..But i didn't.."

It's bring everything stoped for that moment.
seconds and seconds passing through...
she said:
"when you like or love someone doesn't mean must be with him together forever..If u ask me do i love you..I'll say yes..But we cant be together..I only wish that you are happy always and have a good life..:)"

the man reply her with gracefully and true heart:
"Thanks lou po cai(this is how the man call her since 45 months ago until 26 months ago).I'll be one of your option for your 4th relationship.if one day it do really happen la.I don't know how long i can keep this but i'll wait for it as long as possible.We wait and see what is our fate ba. enjoy yourselve with current relationship.He is a good guy."

before she left:
"If one day you found a suit one must grad the chance..I'm sure you'll meet some one.."

the man reply her by shouting from far far behind:
"not need to worry about me.I can enjoy myself neither single nor in relationship."

they end up with peace and graditute.
they might not be able to be together anymore but they bless each another.

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