TARC Alumni Nite

"Salute to Ms Yoong Lai Thye"

Date: 25 Oct 2008
Time: 7.45pm-9.45pm
Venue: Sport Complex (TARC)

we are invited to perform for this event..
not bad..we can use the dancing room for the whole week..

Alumni Night going to start soon.
this is how its look like.

TT family(C172) on board.
Dancers in the House!!
we are ready to perform and EAT!!yeah

other TT member in the House!!>>3 male singers
MC 2 orang>>satu besar(kungfu panda) dan satu KECIL.

Our female dancers...but they didnt really act like a girl.
The food there just OK....

Who say dancer cant really sing??
Our C172's twins....yeah

Before we leave the venue..
TT RoCkZ..!?

where is our big guy??
1 of the old people suffering on tht time...wakakaka

Tingkatan "C172"

Do you know how much we LOVE TARC??
A lot....................

we went back very late...because of...taking photo..

Big guy your small guy is died!!

this is the photo of 2nd world war.
2 japanese soldier with many heads on the ground.

Our dancing clip will be uploaded soon..yeah

our programme didnt end here...
12.10am Movie time...
special programme for our member...her Birthday.
Happy Birthday Ong Ying Wah....


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