Trip to Kuantan (4)

Night in the museum??
we prefer Morning in the museum.

This will be the cover of our movie.
all of the actors involved in this movie is the best actor of TT.

we have no dinosaur in our movie...
but we have this monster.
Big Batang Monster.

We have no fighting scene...
but we have the meeting of "hong hing" ganster group.
luckily we have gone through a good negotiation.
so no fighting in this movie.

some TV station sent their staff to record and
interview all the and大哥大 on the spot.

the best part of our movie will be the happy ending...
keep the world in peace...
a very cute movie we have....

by the way,this museum is all about the mining activity in Lembing.
we saw alot the mining equipments and the mining products.


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