Trip to Kuantan (2)

The enjoyable moment on Mount Lembing

We are on the top of the Mount Lembing!!
This is how the most of the TT dancers post like...

Female dancers of TT...?!
后果,you are so serious in this picture.Yeng...
just for ur info,they doesn't act like a girl d.

Male dancers of TT...
we have no idea what kind of post we wan to do.

does this pics look nice??
can;t see any faces there and show the beauty of the nature.
the sky is very beautiful at that moment.

how about this pic??
yao yeng rite?
we "bite" EXC's post.wakakaka
taking photo at that kind of place make the photo look very nice.

Mount Lembing,thanks for your beauty and peace.
we do really enjoyed to be there.
very peace and relax
++funny++S*H*I with TT spirit!!yeah...


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