TT Nite 2008

TalenTime Nite
This is an annual evet of TARC.
TT Nite is made for all the freshman of TARC.
TT will be the best place to show and train our talent,to learn,to know more people,to enjoy college life and to be someone in TARC.
we have Singging,Dancing,Insturmental and EMcee.

Here is some photo of TT 2008:
Back Stage

He is a very good in playing guitar(bass)
The guy in white coat is ME...the Daddy of TT 2008(Finalist Coordinator)..cuz i'm old..wakakaka

Dancing finalist(winner).Funny and innocent guy.
The guy in black coat is our 2006 Overall Champion and 2007 Head of designer.
he is funny and big mouth guy.

Two old men

With the TT 2008 Singing Champion and also the Overall Champion for this year.
She is really good in singing and pretty.

The Dancing Winner.Same group with the innocent guy.
she is really good in her dancing..with alot of skill.
can you twish you both hand to hand from your front to you back?
can you open you leg 270 degree?
she can.....our "world champion"

Dancing designer with 2 dancing finalist and 1 singing finalist.
guess which one is the singing finalist....

one of the solo singer.she can really sing very well.
funny girl...

The designer with her finalist

TT daddy with the dancing designer(she is doing part time in KFC)

The other guy in the group with the innocent guy and "world champion"
He do really know how to dance sexy dance.bboy in da house

Insturment finalist(winner).she can play a very nice song with her keyboard.

One of the dancing finalist.
He is our "sexy king" he can dance sexy dance well.

Opening dance from Ex-TT finalist:
the lifting part.

Not bad ah...

TT 2008 ended:

The only survived team of TT 2007.

"Crew 172"


One of the dancing designer hugging her(we can use the word of "his" actually) finalist.

The Ex-Assintant Programme Master and the Student Advisor 2008.
The same thing happen to our last year progrgamme master.
He always be the Bad Guy among all of us....

The last "post bottom"
TT Rockz


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